Your Brain 2.0

Your Brain 2.0

Mar 21, 2022Radhika Zaveri

It’s shocking to think that a three pound mass of nerves in our heads determines almost all of what we are! Or does it? According to tons of recent research, we have more than one brain. I’m referring to our gut and the complex ecosystem that exists inside of it. 

For those of you that are still a little lost (as we once were), your gut contains five pounds worth of (or 3 trillion) microorganisms aka ‘the gut microbiome’. These tiny beings are responsible for so much more than we can imagine, our mood, memory, appetite, will power, etc besides the more obvious roles they play in digestion and protection. 

The interaction between our first and second brain occurs through a channel called the gut-brain axis, the working of which is fascinating. 

Here’s a couple of facts that blew our minds-

  • Research shows that fixing the gut microbiome could alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety 

What this means is that, in the future we can treat issues such as anxiety and depression from the root rather than symptomatically by administering the correct formulation and dosage of good bacteria (or probiotics).  

  • Neurotransmitters such as serotonin, produced by the gut endocrine system are regulated by the gut microbiome. 

In essence, this says that the compounds that organs use to communicate with each other are controlled, in part, by the gut microbiome. A vital neurotransmitter, serotonin, responsible for mood, emotions, appetite and digestion is produced in the gut and for that production to occur seamlessly, it’s essential to have a healthy gut microbiome. 

  • The gut bacteria is in charge of activating a large part of your immune system

80% of immune cells reside in the gut and are activated by microbes. Immune issues give rise to a host of neurological diseases. 

To conclude, your second brain does a lot of heavy lifting for very little credit. In case, it’s not obvious already, we must make the effort to care for our 2nd brain and there’s a few ways to do that- 

  • Take your probiotics  

Your gut microbiome is often disbalanced by stress, environmental pollution, fast food etc. In order to get it back on track, you must consume good bacteria in the form of probiotic supplements such as Truely Complete Pre + Probiotic. Get 10% off with the code ‘GET10’.

  • Eat your way to health

Get the right kind of nutrition by supplementing your meals with vitamins and minerals It can be difficult to try and find foods which contain the vast range of compounds required, instead try the supplement Thrive. Use code ‘ff20’ for 20% off. 

  • Exercise and sleep

Light movement and a minimum of 7 hours of sleep are essential in ensuring good gut health.  

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