Its time to harness the power of probiotics with our clinically-tested ingredients. Care for your gut microbiome so it can care for you

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Our Products

Truely Complete
Pre + Probiotic Supplement

Truely Complete

This Daily Probiotic is the one solution for Digestive comfort. It regulates bowel movement, strengthens immunity and improves mood, focus and skin.
Truely Fit
Weight Management Supplement

Truely Fit

It is time to naturally and sustainably manage weight by harnessing the power of probiotics and natural extracts to see real results!
Truely her
Women's Vaginal & Hormonal Health Supplement

Truely her

Packed with probiotics, cranberry, chasteberry, and ginger extracts, Truely Her is your go-to probiotic for maintaining vaginal health, preventing infections and fighting unnatural odour.

Probiotics that can do more than you imagine

Modern living comes with unique health related challanges. A major one being the disbalancing of the delicate ecosystem of gut microflora which is responsible for the smooth functioning of most biological systems. We believe in the power of probiotics, a vital but largely overlooked aspect of a balanced diet. Learn more about us

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Hear from our customers

Harsh DhananiCustomer

"I'm overweight and have tried just about everything to lose the excess fat but nothing has worked like this supplement. I did not see the effects in the first month of starting but after two months, I feel and look much better.

My metabolism increased significantly, as did my energy levels and motivation to hit the gym. I'm really impressed with this because just following a diet or going to the gym did not help me for months till I used truely fit. I've lost a decent amount of weight since I started taking this product."

Abhineet AgarwalCustomer

"Life Changing Product!!"

Iv been using Truely for 3/4 months now. It has completely changed the way my gut functions. Earlier i used to have a lot of gas / bloating / constipation issues. All those are completely resolved after iv started using this product. Bowel movement is the best iv had since a long long time. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product."


"My skin has never been better!

I used to struggle a lot with acne due to dietary changes. Tried multiple skincare products only to realise that clean skin is a result of a healthy gut. That is when I came across Truely. Not only has it helped me clear out my skin but also improved my bowel moments along with increased focus! Gotta love this product. <3"